Makeup Removal Cleansing Pad (Pack of 10)

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Unscented, Hypoallergenic and Suitable for Sensitive and All Skin types. 
Shorten your makeup removing time with these soft, high quality, and gentle makeup removal cloths from 9Teen80 Cosmetics. The microfiber material is softer and more efficient than disposable wipes. These makeup removal cloths can be washed and reused many times without losing their efficacy, eliminating the need for disposable wipes.
9Teen80 Cosmetics Makeup Removal Cleansing Cloth: 
  • Hassle free makeup removing facial cleansing cloths; No makeup remover or other chemicals needed
  • Helps remove makeup without damaging or tugging; Perfect for delicate skin
  • Made of microfiber material; Soft and gentle; Reusable, durable and long lasting.
  • Non abrasive makeup removal and cleaning cloths erase all makeup.

Size: 5x5x2

Pack of 10

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