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Facial Toner & Serum Bundle

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Achieve Flawless, glowing Skin Naturally with our”Dynamic Duo” Facial Toner & Serum Combo.

Used together twice per day to fast track results of Glowing and Clear skin. 

Use: Mornimg and at Bedtime. After Cleansing the face, apply Toner then Serum.

You can also use the Toner as a setting spray for your makeup application.

Perfect for Sensitive Skin, Made for All Skin Types

Ingredients: Serum - Frankincense E. Oil, Copaiba E. Oil, Lavender E. Oil, Tea E. Oil, Rose E.Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rose Petals

Toner: Witch Hazel(alcohol free), Lavender E. Oil, Frankincense E. Oil, Distilled Water, Grapeseed Oil.

Made in the USA  


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